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Me & Mine – March

by Clare Mansell
Me & Mine – March

This is our second attempt at a March photo for Me & Mine, we were running out of places to take photos indoors and in the rain and cold, but while I was filling the kettle I looked outside, saw the very start of some yellow buds emerging and said “let’s take it at the end of the week, the forsythia will be out by then” and it was!

This winter seems to have dragged on forever and I am really ready to embrace any signs of spring I can find, a little sunshine and warmth would be even better next month please!

As you can see Theo has started being non-compliant in photos… almost all photos in fact. Is this an age thing? I rarely make him ‘pose’ except for our monthly photo, so I’m hoping it’s not me who has made him this camera weary!

This month we are loving…



My new camera (at long last!)
Eating quiches and salads and pretending it’s spring
The Good Budget app
Having hot water and heating back after our boiler was out of action for 6 days



Watching Underneath The Surface
Getting back from London in time for sledging
Carvery at the pub
The fact that the grass still doesn’t need cutting!



The Friday night ritual of reporting the most interesting thing that has happened to you this week
Swimming classes
Her new dungarees
Playing on the trampoline
Her ‘pyjama bottoms’ (which she carries everywhere)



Snow days
Telling everyone dinosaur facts
Getting Star Of The Week
Being in charge of the spice table at the Museum of India
Visiting the farm
Watching our caterpillars grow in the Butterfly Garden

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