Home photography Home Life Project – April 2018

Home Life Project – April 2018

by Clare Mansell
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I need to start this blog post with an apology, for the first time ever, I completely forgot it was Home Life Project weekend until late on Saturday night, which means I didn’t send out the email reminder on Friday. In truth the Easter holidays have been a complete whirlwind and not of the good kind. A whirlwind of toddler tantrums, juggling work and household chores and rainy days. The kind of whirlwind (or should that be whirlpool?) where you can barely keep you head above water.

Jim was only home for 24 hours this week which meant for all except Sunday I barely surfaced to think, but hurray for Sunday when there was someone else to share the load and as you’ll see, I even managed to squeeze in a plumbing job for him while he was home just so he didn’t miss out on too much of the domestic load.

This Home Life Project was my first one with my new camera and after 6 months of wading through with a combination of less than suitable loan cameras, I finally felt like I was back in the room.


For those of you juggling small children next week, I wish you luck, I’m actually a little scared to look at the weather forecast!

If you have only just discovered the Home Life Project and would like to join in next month, it happens on the first full weekend of every month, so the next dates are 5th & 6th May and you can read more about it here.

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