Dyson Cool desk fan review

Although summer seems like a long way away today, I am hoping my newly acquired Dyson desk fan might turn out to be extremely useful during hot summer nights this year. Dyson have been making their distinct bladeless fans since 2009, but the latest batch of models claim to be 75% quieter than the previous generation of Air Mutiplier models, making them perfect for sticky summer evenings, but are they worth the hefty price tag?

dyson cool bladeless desk fan review

AO.com gave me the 30mm desk fan to try out. First impressions out of the box is that it is larger than I’m expecting, the high gloss white finish is very “apple” and the fan itself is light making it easy to carry from room to room (especially as you can stick your and through the main loop)


The fan comes in two parts which easily click together and the instruction book is in one language and easy to follow. The bladeless design not only makes it easier to clean and safer for children, but it also creates  a smooth, high-velocity airflow. Dyson claims that the air-multiplier technology increases the output of the air flowing through the tube by at least 15 times compared to the airflow put out by a traditional bladed fan

dysonfan-5Each fan is supplied with a dinky Apple TV like white magnetic remote, subtley curved so it fits on to the top of the fan, making it slightly harder to lose then the Apple TV one!


Powering on and off can be controlled on the base, but you need the remote to adjust the speed of the fan, the rotation and the timer which allows you to run the fan for a set period of time.

At maximum air volume the noise produced by the fan is noticeably quieter than from a conventional fan, important if you are trying to get to sleep on a hot summer’s night. As well as rotating the fan also tilts forward slightly, so you can place it higher up and direct the airflow slightly downwards.




• Easier to keep clean
• Quieter than both conventional models and previous Dyson models
• Safer for children
• Smoother airflow
• Remote control
• Aesthetic appeal



• Price. You can pick up a conventional desk fan for under £20
• Limited controls on the base, frustrating if you lose the remote


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