Photos I’ve sold recently (June 18)

After many hours of uploading new images to my Getty library earlier this year, I thought I’d do another post on the images I’ve licensed recently and I’m starting off with this one, my bestseller, which was spotted last month by a friend of mine being used by CBeebies on their Facebook page. This photo is about five years old and I think if I’d known it would be a bestseller I’d have spent a bit more time cleaning up the background which is a rather off white…

photo licensing

This photo was also bought by a company who specialise in services and products for children with autism.

I often have a hard time explaining to people how images often get used in completely unrelated contexts and here’s a great example, a Maypole photographed at an open air museum in Sussex, licensed twice in the last couple of months, once by an insurance broker and another time by a marketing agency in America which (as far as I can tell) specialises in political campaigning.


Another image was licensed by a digital agency in New York… And yes, it’s just a photo of my brunch. I’ve discovered food images seem to get licensed a lot, so I’ve been uploading all the ones I have on my computer.


This next photo was licensed by the National Library of the Netherlands…


This next one is a photo of a bedside light at a hotel in the Isle of Wight. The purchaser is listed as “Mery”…


And last but not least, this picture was licensed twice in Turkey…


Most of these image sales netted me only a couple of pounds each, my next sales report is published in about a week and will (hopefully) reflect the increase in the number of images I have for sale. I’m also putting aside a morning this week to do some more uploading of images from earlier this year to keep up to date.

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