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5 messages from Blogtacular that every creative needs to hear

by Clare Mansell
5 messages from Blogtacular that every creative needs to hear

Last weekend I attended my third Blogtacular. The first two in 2014 & 2015 were held at a smaller venue and at times I felt a little restricted physically and mentally, but this year’s event was a very different experience, with loads of space to spread out and I came away feeling inspired.

The keynote speaker was Tiffany Han and a lot of the points in this post come from her presentation, but there were definitely several recurring themes running through the day and after a week to digest it all I wanted to share them in this post. Like the event itself, this post is for creatives across the board and not just for people who write a blog. So whether you are a quilter, a photographer, designer or writer, there’s something we can all learn…

(1) Slow down & concentrate on quality

In the 12 years I’ve been blogging I’ve watched as people have got swept up in the expanding world of social media and videos trying to do everything and be on everything all the time, but yet what I repeatedly heard from the experts at Blogtacular was ‘quality over quantity’. The SEO speaker told us Google wants concise blog posts not long rambling ones, the Instagram workshop had the message that it’s ok not to post every day and Tiffany Han said ‘Hustle and Burn Out’ is not the way forward.

(2) Who are you to decide what people want?

The third point in the opening keynote told us to follow wherever our creativity lead us and to ignore the doubting voices in our head. Immediately after I got back from Blogtacular I had an idea for a product collaboration, but I doubted it, I wasn’t sure what I was offering was good enough or that other people would want it, but I remembered these words and so I put the proposal forward and guess what… It is wanted!

Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate

(3) Find your tribe and keep talking to them

This is an oldie, but it bears repeating. Surrounding yourself with other creative minds is so important, not only can you share ideas, but you have someone to be accountable to. I know I wouldn’t have been half as productive in these first 7 post-Blogtacular days if I hadn’t started a Facebook group for the dozen people I met at the Friday night dinner. When one of them redesigned her site, I felt spurred on to do mine too. Now I’m going to keep up the momentum by returning to the local design group meetings that I used to attend and drifted away from.

(4) Have Crazy Faith

This was a casual comment that Tiffany Han made as part of a bigger point, but frankly the whole talk should have been headlined with those two words. How many times as creatives and especially as creatives who are mothers, do we squash down a growing idea because we start asking too many questions about how the logistics would work. How will I manage with childcare? How can I do this when I haven’t got that? Etc. etc. Tiffany said we all just need to have “crazy faith” to push forward with things in the belief that the details will sort themselves out, and she’s right, so often they do.

(5) Feed your creative mind

The creative mind does not come up with its best ideas when we are busy doing routine stuff and stuck in front of a keyboard. We need to find time to do whatever that thing is that feeds our creative mind. It could be time spent writing, a day away taking photos, visiting an exhibition or doing a sewing project. If we carry on without these outlets we eventually become a lesser version of our creative selves.

So what are you going to do this weekend to feed your creative mind?

Photos by Will Ireland

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Sally - My Custard Pie August 12, 2018 - 9:12 pm

It’s so easy to forget to do things that stimulate your creativity – sometimes that’s just unplugging from everything and just letting your mind wander. I found Blogtacular so inspiring too.


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