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Design Collective trip to Pallant House Art Gallery

by Clare Mansell
Design Collective trip to Pallant House Art Gallery

One of my Blogtacular “takeaways” was to “do whatever it takes to feed your creative mind.” I realise over the last 12 months I’ve been guilty of counting the cost of babysitters and failing to take some of the creative opportunities on my doorstep, so I have resolved to try and restore the balance in that area. Not everything that matters can be counted and not all that can be counted matters, and all that…

The first step towards creative enrichment was an evening trip out with the Design Collective : Chichester. A wonderful group established by my friends Alys Bryan  & Julia Grant which meets regularly for work and fun. Our destination was Pallant House Art Gallery. How many times have I walked past this place over he last 5 years and thought “One day I must go in there”?  It’s frightening how the time goes by and these things elude us.

We had a perfect evening for their late opening. Sunlight was bursting in through the windows of the modern wing of the gallery and creeping in shafts through the shutters in the old house. It gave a wonderful extra dimension to all the artworks.

pallant house art gallery

I started my browsing on the ground floor looking at the work of photographer Dorothy Bohm. Her photos capture life in Sussex during the 60s and 70s and are a fascinating window into a bygone era.

The rest of the group had headed up to one of the paid exhibitions, artworks inspired by Virginia Woolf, but as I decided to take advantage of the Thursday night free entry into the rooms in the old part of the gallery and what a treat! I had the run of the place and didn’t see another person whilst I wondered from room to room for over half an hour…

A midweek night out…with friends…and no children…. just what I needed!

As I headed back to the courtyard garden I again went past the striking mural on the staircase by Lothar Götz. The interpretation notes encouraged #staircaseselfies…it had to be done! I recruited Alys and pattern designer Dhurata (who created the Charlie Hoodie I made recently) for some photos…


One more thing ticked off my local attractions list and so many more to do, we really are spoilt in Chichester with so much to see..

pallant house art gallery, chichester, west sussex


Pallant House Art Gallery
9 North Pallant
West Sussex
PO19 1TJ

Open Thursday evenings 5-8pm with half price entry to paid exhibitions and free entry to the house.

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