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Staying cool in the heatwave with our Samsung American Fridge Freezer

by Clare Mansell
samsung american fridge freezer review

It’s funny the way things pan out, nine years ago when we fitted out our kitchen with dedicated space and plumbing for an American fridge freezer we could never have predicted that it would take nearly a decade before we were able to fill the space with the appliance it was designed to fit, nor that we would have to wait equally as long to have a summer that really allowed it to come into its own!

For the last month while we have basked in glorious sunshine, our standard size fridge freezer has been bursting at the seams as we have attempted to chill all the things required for summer entertaining and in our garage our overflow freezer which we normally turn off for the hottest months, has been drafted in for extra duties, keeping bags of ice cool for drinks at barbecues.

But all that changed last week when thanks to AO.com we joined the American Fridge Freezer club and I can truly say it was worth the wait!

The first revelation has been the ice maker. My parents and sister have had one of these for as long as I can remember, so it’s not a complete novelty, but living with one is and we have been using (and needing) it every day. Not only are we all drinking more water as a result of having it (and less beer I think!) but it’s been a lifesaver for the dogs too.

Our Canadian dog (the big hairy one) has been particularly grateful of the stream of bowls of iced water we have been serving her as she camps out on our patio trying to make the most of the sea breeze.

The freezer space is big enough for us to have pensioned off the garage freezer (which I’m sure was grateful of the break) and with all the freezer contents in the kitchen I have rediscovered my Magimix icecream maker. The central part of which used to have to be kept in the freezer in the garage. My current favourite icecream recipe is chocolate…made with condensed milk!

The two compartment fridge is far bigger than we have ever had (our family has grown too!) and it means we no longer have to stack things precariously on top of each other our worry about whether we’ll have room for chilled puddings at parties.

You may think all this party talk is an exaggeration, but we love the summer and having friends over and we have been doing it most weekends since the sun came out…. always in the belief that each weekend of good weather could be our last!

If you’ve been debating the purchase of an American fridge freezer have a watch of my video review below and you can have the full tour of my cool new appliance (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

This post is a collaboration with AO.com

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