Home food My recipe and method for homemade bread (without the breadmaker)

My recipe and method for homemade bread (without the breadmaker)

by Clare Mansell
My recipe and method for homemade bread (without the breadmaker)

You know those projects that haunt you? Those things you have literally been meaning to get round to doing for years? Well this my friends is one of them…. It is at least 3 years since I promised a friend of mine that I’d make a video showing how I make my homemade bread and for those 3 years a series of not particularly interesting or very good reasons have held me back from doing it.

In the end it transpired that all I really needed to get past the obstacles I was putting in front of myself, was a £7.99 tablecloth… but there we go… it is done now!

Our family have been passionate breadmakers for about the last 15 years ever since my sister and brother-in-law went on a breadmaking course with Richard Bertinet. My mum makes a lot of breadsticks, whilst we mostly specialise in this loaf and pizza bases. My brother-in-law has progressed to sour dough and foccacia, his bakes are always a bit of a treat!

This recipe is for the loaf I have been making week in and week out for as long as I can remember. There’s always one in the freezer at home and always a slice available for breakfast if you want it. For me, no shop bought loaf can come close to it (which is a shame because frankly, it would be nice to have a break from making it sometimes).

Ingredients for one loaf (I usually double up)

300g strong white bread flour
100g wholemeal or rye flour
100g  granary flour
10g yeast
10g salt
350ml tepid water

The video contains an explanation of the breadmaking method I use and also a few tips and suggestions of products I use. If you find it useful please leave a comment either here or on youtube, it’s always nice to know that these things help someone, somewhere…

tutorial and recipe for making easy homemade bread without a breadmaker. This recipe for a great family wholemeal loa uses no sugar and only 3 other ingredients apart from flour. There is also a video that shows how to make it using the French style of kneading

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