Home photography Homelife Project – August 2018

Homelife Project – August 2018

by Clare Mansell
Homelife Project – August 2018

I can’t remember ever shooting two months in a row with such incredible weather. I quite thought that last month’s Homelife Project was going to be our token swimming pool moment, but no, we have been spoiled with a second month of sunshine, shorts and swimming!

Jim was away for this one, so I had to work a bit harder to squeeze myself into the photos to stop it being too child-heavy… Probably not a bad thing though!

What on earth will the weather on the first weekend of September be like? I hope it stays good because we’ll be documenting Theo’s seventh birthday party!

If you have only just discovered the Home Life Project and would like to join in next month, it happens on the first full weekend of every month, so the next dates are 1st & 2nd September, with the blog linky opening at 7am on Monday 3rd September. You can read more about it here.

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