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Homelife Project – September

by Clare Mansell
Homelife Project – September

Last Sunday was Theo’s seventh birthday party. We squeezed it in two days before the start of the school term and on one of the last glorious days of the summer. Because we arrived home from holiday the night before we kept it simple, no goodie bags, no elaborately shaped cake and only simple party games…and you know what, it was just perfect… and several of the parents stayed for the duration just to hang out in the garden and drink tea with us too.

Thanks to having a few family members on hand to assist, I even managed to grab a few photos, though not all of them I’m sharing here…particularly to save the blushes of the brave mums who volunteered to be wrapped up in loo roll!

After clearing up, we finished the day walking round the fields before bed – Oh what a summer it has been!

If you’ve been trying to link up to this post, please accept my apologies for it being late, I’m running fast ust to stand still at the moment, but school started again today and I’m catching up!

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