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A cordless vacuum for pet owners. AEG FX9 review…

by Clare Mansell
A cordless vacuum for pet owners. AEG FX9 review…

Every now and again I turn down an opportunity which I later regret. Some time ago, I was offered a cordless vacuum to review when cordless vacuums were still relatively new. I thought they were an interesting curiosity, but I didn’t really see the point of them, so I passed and decided to take another product instead.

Then earlier this year my parents bought one and I watched as my dad leapt into action to clear up a mess in seconds and a light bulb went on in my head…

So I’ve been thinking about them ever since and wondering, what if we had one…

Last week we got the opportunity to try one again and this time I seized it with both hands (metaphorically and literally).

The machine in question was an AEG FX9 vacuum for pet owners. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know we have a rather large shaggy Canadian dog called Macy, who sheds hair like it’s going out of fashion, so I felt we were pretty well equipped to put it through its paces.

Out of the box it was noticeably weighty. Not in a bad way, but it felt solid and well made. It’s also smaller than I was expecting and more versatile. The extending handle means it is tall enough for my 6ft 4 inch husband to use and it goes under sofas and has a retracting hose so you can use it as a handheld.

All in all we were surprised and impressed especially by its suction power, though the machine does have one downside as you’ll see if you watch the review (forgive me for the clickbait!)

The children also loved using it which was both a bonus and a curse, as they would have been vacuuming every 5 minutes this weekend if I’d let them!

Have you gone cordless yet? And if not are you tempted?

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