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A baby quilt 9 years in the making

by Clare Mansell
A baby quilt 9 years in the making

The story of this baby quilt goes back to 2009 or there abouts, when I was working in Canada with a good friend of mine. There was a quilt class running in our village (where I first learned to quilt) and my friend came along too. If I recall things correctly, this class lead to her making a quilt for her niece, but also more importantly to the purchase of a couple of Moda charm packs and some meterage.

I’d forgotten all about her fabric purchase, until after announcing her first pregnancy a few months ago, she brought the fabric to our house and asked if I could turn it in to a quilt for her – but of course!

This quilt was really the most simple of projects. Two packs of charm squares and a jelly roll of cream Moda fabric (which was one of my purchases, but also dates back to Canada) Happily it also came with a deadline in the form of her due date (this month!) I need deadlines with all things, but especially when it comes to quilts, otherwise they hang around half completed for way too long.

It looks skew whiff in this photo, but I promise it’s just the way it’s hanging, I had it pinned up with sewing pins and I was convinced it was going to fall down at any moment!

The fabric is a Moda charm pack whose name I have now forgotten, but it’s one I love and used in a quilt of my own several years ago. I want to say it’s called something like ‘Lets Play’ ? Perhaps someone with a better memory than me can recall it’s name…?

The binding was mostly leftovers (with a little bit added) from the t-shirt memory quilt I made over the summer. As I said… really the easiest of projects.

I put the quilt in the post a couple of days ago and there’s no baby news yet, so I made the deadline – hurray!

Next I’m planning on working on an improv squares quilt. I really like the idea of using up most if not all of my fabric stash… We’ll see how that goes!

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Jan November 7, 2018 - 11:07 am

Lovely quilt – I’m sure it was called: Wee Play by American Jane

Clare Mansell November 7, 2018 - 11:33 am

Yes that’s it! Well remembered, thank you!

sheila sudlow April 22, 2019 - 12:17 am

wow 9 years to make a quilt but it is worth the wait. stunning fabric and neat stitches too great work


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