Home photography Home Life Project – November

Home Life Project – November

by Clare Mansell
Home Life Project – November

It’s not you, the October Home Life Project post never made it on to the blog…. Life has been delightfully busy and we’re building up for some changes in the new year which have switched my focus elsewhere. I took the photos (late) but the impetus wasn’t there to share them, so I didn’t… Because that’s how I roll.

After nearly 13 years of blogging (!!) I’m quite happy to be at a place where I share on my own timetable, not dictated by stats, expectations or what the blogging rule book says…

So here’s a little window into our lives this weekend in what may well turn out to be the penultimate Home Life Project… I’m keeping all my options (and certainly this URL) open, but that’s probably where it will go.

Photo number 7 is my favourite of the day, if you look in the background you will see my daughter’s personality summed up in a suspended moment of energy where she has leapt in to the photo! So many changes and so many moments captured over the last 3 years of doing this project.


No link up added this month as I don’t think anyone is still linking….but please comment below (or message me on Twitter) to say otherwise if I’ve got that wrong…

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[email protected] November 5, 2018 - 10:50 pm

I love seeing your photos each month. Ive been wondering where you’ve got to lately. Delightfully busy and new changes sounds exciting xx


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