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Photos I’ve sold recently

by Clare Mansell
Photos I’ve sold recently

It’s been about six months since my last update on images I’ve sold and I’m pleased to say that for most of those months, the work I put in earlier in the year uploading new photos to Getty image library has paid dividends.

We’ll start with a photo which sold after it was spotted on Instagram (and isn’t currently listed on Getty) It sold to a realtor website in the States.

And here it is in use…

Sales that are generated from outside of image libraries are infrequent, but not unheard of, in the past I’ve had images spotted on Flickr too (one of which sold to the Telegraph – ker-ching!) and I once got a photography commission and book feature which was the result of a blog post. It goes to show that it does pay to have stuff out there so they can be discovered.

As far as Getty sales, I will concentrate on the new sales as a lot of the same old images sell month after month. Strangely Getty also produced another realtor related sale…

hot dogs

Here it is in use…

This next image is one I love and which I thought had huge sales potential, but it’s taken me ages to get past the editors at Getty. The problem is it contains at least four different logos which all had to be removed. (Yes even the Nike swooshes on Jim’s socks!)

I kept thinking I’d found them all and sending it for approval, waiting for ages and then getting it rejected. Helpfully they never tell you where the logo is, just that one needs to be removed, so it can be quite a trying process, but I persisted and this month it sold to Alpha Media a Broadcaster based in Portland


It also sold to Cewe Photoworld along with a dozen other photos, most of which were ones I’d taken for the Home Life Project. Cewe produce high quality image products like photo books, so I’m stalking their site hoping to see my photos made into a mock up family album.

This is another one they bought…


One of last months sales gave my family a bit of a giggle, we’ve always joked that compared to Theo who was almost Scandanavian blonde as a toddler, Alice looks a little more exotic and it seems one person at least thinks she could pass as a South American baby, as this photo of her was licenced by¬†Walmart in Chile…


Another sale came from a photo I took of a bedside light in a hotel a couple of years ago.


It was used in an article about exercising…

This one, which funnily enough I took on a photojournalism course about six years ago, was licenced by the Daily Star…


They used it in an article about May Day. Something makes me think they are a little short of May Day pictures to have picked this one as I would have presumed one with children dancing round it would have been better.

A photo I took in Calgary sold to a Canadian broadcaster, nothing surprising about that, except that the Calgary I photographed was the one on the Isle of Mull, which has a beach and the Calgary in Canada is landlocked. We’ll never know whether there was some sort of embarrassing misunderstanding…

And finally proving that the best camera is the one you have with you an iPhone photo (probably 5c) sold that I took on the school run as I was unloading the boot of my old classic Morris. It sold to Viacom, a TV production company in the US. Heavens knows what they wanted it for!

As you might have noticed my posts have been a little infrequent on this blog recently and I am winding down things a little (after 12 years of weekly blogging!) Next year I’ll be taking on a new challenge some of which I hope to share with you in due course. In the meantime I’ll be back next weekend with December’s Home Life Project photos…


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