Home photography Home Life Project – December

Home Life Project – December

by Clare Mansell
Home Life Project – December

Here it is, after 3 years this will be the last (formal) Home Life Project post. It’s provided a wonderful motivation to capture our family life in images and I always found the value of the photos grew as time passed. I tended to be hyper-critical in the days after they were taken and then looked back at them fondly once those days became months.

Next year I’ll be taking on to new challenges and although I’ll be keeping this blog live I anticipate the posting may become a bit sporadic. Home Life Project grew out of an occasional series I did in 2015 called “Scenes From Our Saturday/Sunday’ so it’ll probably revert back to that, an occasional peep into our lives when time and motivation aligns!

Until then here’s a few photos from a very damp, dark and frankly rather uninspiring weekend…Is it too soon to say I can’t wait for spring?!

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