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Photos I’ve sold recently – March 2019

by Clare Mansell
Photos I’ve sold recently – March 2019

Library photo sales have been trickling along for the last couple of months, no big earners, but a steady feed. Some net pennies (literally) and others a few pounds, but it’s always nice to get a payment into my account every couple of months and fun to see where they end up.

This isn’t the full list of what’s sold, just either those I could find being used online or those whose use was notable.

As always the big seller has been a 6 year-old photo of my (then) toddler son having a tantrum.

Technically it’s not a great picture but no one seems to care and it is too late to alter it now. It pops up in all sorts of places, but this month I found it on Amazon where it is being used to promote some sort of GPS tracker for kids.

A photo of a bedside light which I took in the Isle of Wight gets a honorary mention as it’s fast becoming a best seller.

It sells every month and over the last 3 months it was licensed three times in the US (to newspapers and a magazine publisher) and once outside the US. Though frustratingly I can’t find any trace of it online to share with you.


A photo of Jim juggling both kids whilst cooking was used for an article about solo parenting. I had a hunch this picture would be a good seller and it seems to be proving me right, though that’s not always the case!


My maypole photo which I took 7 years ago at the Weald & Downland Museum sold again. It is an interesting abstract picture that gets used in all sorts of strange capacities. Here it is being used by a graphic design business as the inspiration image for abstract branding they did for a hotel in Nicaragua. Not quite sure why my photo has a signature on it that is definitely not mine though!


A picture of some smoked salmon canapes which we ate at the Halfway Bridge a few years ago also sold.

This is another one where I wish I could go back and remove the pink thing from the background! I didn’t intend it to be a stock photo, but noticed images of food sold really well, so I started uploading anything I had on my computer and it sold…. to an Ecuadorian food company no less!

A photo of a ladybird on a stinging nettle made another sale. My original is much brighter than the licensed version for some reason.


Bella Beagle sold again… Nice to see this troublesome rescue of ours earning her keep! But how I wish that patio looked a bit cleaner in the photo…

Some Churros I ate at Giraffe on the South Bank were licensed for use in a food quiz. I had to go through about 10 questions before I found the picture!


And finally a photo of Theo reading in his bedroom which I took last year sold for the first time and travelled as far as Finland to find a publisher. The translated headline says “Does bright light help? The evening rhythm of the child.”


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