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In search of the perfect lipstick

by Clare Mansell
house of colour make up consultation

For most of my adult life I’ve had a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I wanted to embrace it, but struggled to find shades that suited me.

When I cut my hair short the quest to find lipstick colours that suit me became more important, in fact for the first three days I had a pixie I couldn’t leave the house without lipstick as I felt so exposed!

A couple of years ago I stumbled by chance on a rich vibrant red that looked great (Mac ‘Russian Red’) but every other purchase was a dud and I struggled to find a good colour match under the artificial lights in a shop. So a few weeks ago I decided to try a different approach…

I follow a few House of Colour consultants on Instagram (I had my colours ‘done’ many years ago and I’m a ‘Winter’) and I noticed that they now do make-up suited to your colour ‘season’ so I decided to try a make-up session with my local consultant Kate Nicholson who I always see popping up on social media and who, I have recently discovered is actually 10 years older than she actually looks. (If that’s not an advert for getting your colours right, I’m not sure what is!)

Obviously I was very much focused on getting the lipstick right, but the session takes you through everything. Kate even looked at the products I already used and gave me an opinion on whether they were the right tones for my skin/hair colouring. My Benefit bronzer was a fail, but the colour of my L’oreal Paradise Pomade for my eyebrows was spot on.

Kate did my entire face, giving me a chance to try applying each product and to experiment with looks. It was great fun and so much better than being perched on one of those high stools at a make-up counter in Boots! I tried some quite strong eye shadow colours (my choice) but decided they weren’t me, glad I tried them though!

We did the lipstick last. I got to work my way through about 8 shades at my leisure and I finally settled on two in particular that I like, although all the options suited my skin tones so there wasn’t really a bad one amongst them.

I picked 54 & 62 which are both quite pink and being winter shades, quite vibrant too! Here’s me wearing one of them in Kate’s studio… Excuse my hair I’d had it scraped back in a hair band all morning while we did the make-up.

I’ve actually been sitting on this blog post waiting for a proper dressed up photo when I go out wearing them, but it never seems to happen…I’ll have to save it for Instagram instead!

House of Colour really do provide great experiences and the older I get the more I lean on the colours they picked out for me years ago that I know work well with my skin tones. I thoroughly recommend trying out the clothing, style or make-up consultations if you are at all curious.

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