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A fresh new start

by Clare Mansell
A fresh new start

You may have noticed posts on this blog have been a bit thin on the ground recently and it’s not been without reason.

At the start of the year I was lured back to work, by the offer of a full-time marketing role close to home. It would have been foolish not to try it and so for four months I did.

Picking up Alice from nursery in the dark in January was miserable, but it got better. I had a fantastic childminder who would scoop Theo up from school with no prompting if Jim was late back on a Friday and we found a way to muddle through juggling one absent parent, one pre-schooler, a 7 year-old, two dogs and me working full-time, but for many reasons in the end it wasn’t what I wanted.

So as of this week I’m back to freelancing, I forgot how much I liked it. 

To start this new chapter and also to mark the beginning of a new project I’m working on, it seemed appropriate to give my home office an overhaul. A fresh space for a fresh new start. 

After 5 years it was in dire need of painting, but it was also one of those forgotten rooms that have never been put together with a plan, but now I know exactly what I want….

I’m told, by someone smarter than me, that what I’m aiming for is ‘biophilic design’. I googled it, it sums I entirely what I want to achieve but I didn’t realise it had a name.

So this weekend the transformation has begun. A new sit/stand desk has been ordered (another thing I disliked about the 9 to 5… all the sitting!) some wonderful plants from The Little Botanicals have arrived and I’m about to start painting.

I can be rather strict with luxuries for myself sometimes, but this year made me realise how important your day to day environment is. Maybe things like an office makeover isn’t strictly needed, but making sure the space you work in makes you happy and creative is important. In fact since I learned about biophilic design, I have a new justification… it makes you 8% more productive too!

The office makeover should be done this week, the new project that it is going to emerge from it will take slightly longer… but by the end of July I’ll be shouting about it so much you may wish you’d never asked…

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