Home interiors Our VELUX install – the finished room

Our VELUX install – the finished room

by Clare Mansell
Our VELUX install – the finished room

A few of weeks ago we embarked on a project to add two VELUX windows to Alice’s bedroom. The hot summer last year had really focussed our attention on the need for an additional window and as a long time lover of roof windows I didn’t need too much encouragement to decide to add more!

The installation process

Although the process of ripping in to a tidy and finished room was a little daunting, the whole project was quicker and less disruptive than we had feared it might be. It took five days in total, although there was a weekend in the middle, which split it up and on one of the days our builders worked for 11 hours on site. 

The house wasn’t overtaken by dust and we were able to confine all the chaos to one room and close the door on it every night.  The kids shared a room for a couple of weeks (to allow for painting and emptying the room before the builders arrived) which was a novelty at first but predictably by the end they were driving each other (and us) crazy!


Because of the high ceilings in the room we anticipated that painting might be a bit of a  challenge, so were hugely grateful when the builders agreed to leave their tower on site for the weekend so we could use it. The newly plastered area had to be painted with a slightly watered down mix on day one and we did two top coats the following day. 

I wore my boiler suit which is one of the most useful things I own… My husband prefers to gamble with getting paint on his clothes! Too cool for school….

The room was dry by the end of the second day and we were able to move Alice back in that night. Modern water based paints are so good these days that there was no lingering paint smell and of course we kept the Veluxes open to aid ventilation anyway.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before…

And here it is after. It was Alice’s choice to reposition the bed to be under the windows. I can understand why!

bedroom after velux wndows have been added

We are amazed at how much extra light they have brought into the room. It is most noticeable in the evening when I close the blinds on the roof windows, but leave the curtain on the main window open and suddenly find we have to turn the lights on to read Alice her bedtime story.

It’s only a matter of time before we add more some more VELUX roof windows elsewhere in the house, both Theo’s and our bedroom are obvious contenders, but one would be great in the bathroom too! 


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