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Hello, I’m Clare.

I am a blogger, photographer and content creator.

I started blogging in 2006 having previously had an online presence since 2002 with a dating review website. I started my first blog to document my travels as a forces broadcaster, but when marriage, parenthood and home renovations came along the focus gradually shifted.

I’m married to Jim, mum to Theo (born Aug 11) and Alice (born Oct 15) We also have two slightly crazy dogs.

I’m interested in sustainability and try (not always successfully) to minimise my impact on the environment. This year I’m documenting my journey to waste reduction, frugality and minimalism in my Year Of Simplicity series.  I’m a keen supporter of a local organic growing cooperative and I’m also actively involved in the management of a community woodland near my home.

Although I am now firmly settled in West Sussex, I have also lived in Germany, Cyprus, Canada and Scotland.

Maybush Studio is my literal creative space in our garden and my virtual creative space online. This blog focuses on “creative family living” which for me encompasses photography, design, interiors and crafts.

I’m passionate about community, homemade bread, saving things from landfills, walking, the medicinal benefits of a glass of red wine and the TV series Nashville.

Working with me

As well as 11 years of blogging experience, before parenthood I also spent 16 years working as a professional broadcaster (British Forces Broadcasting, Kiss 100 & TalkSport) .

I work with a limited number of companies every year on blog collaborations and I also have ongoing relationships with a few small and medium size businesses producing digital content and managing social outreach. Often the focus of my work is photography or video based and I can share collaborative content either on your own channels or my own.

I currently work regularly with Springfree UK, Novasol Spray UK and Le Boat.

Here are some examples of recent (and often ongoing) partnerships…






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Hello. I'm Clare.
I'm a mum of two & a freelance content creator. I live in the Sussex countryside by the sea and this blog focuses on creative family living through photography, design, crafts and interiors. Read more