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Home Life Project – December

Here it is, after 3 years this will be the last (formal) Home Life Project post. It’s provided a wonderful motivation to capture our family life in images and I always found the value of the photos grew as time passed. I tended to be hyper-critical in the days after they were taken and then looked back at them fondly once those days became months.

Next year I’ll be taking on to new challenges and although I’ll be keeping this blog live I anticipate the posting may become a bit sporadic. Home Life Project grew out of an occasional series I did in 2015 called “Scenes From Our Saturday/Sunday’ so it’ll probably revert back to that, an occasional peep into our lives when time and motivation aligns!

Until then here’s a few photos from a very damp, dark and frankly rather uninspiring weekend…Is it too soon to say I can’t wait for spring?!

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Photos I’ve sold recently

It’s been about six months since my last update on images I’ve sold and I’m pleased to say that for most of those months, the work I put in earlier in the year uploading new photos to Getty image library has paid dividends.

We’ll start with a photo which sold after it was spotted on Instagram (and isn’t currently listed on Getty) It sold to a realtor website in the States.

And here it is in use…

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Home Life Project – November

It’s not you, the October Home Life Project post never made it on to the blog…. Life has been delightfully busy and we’re building up for some changes in the new year which have switched my focus elsewhere. I took the photos (late) but the impetus wasn’t there to share them, so I didn’t… Because that’s how I roll.

After nearly 13 years of blogging (!!) I’m quite happy to be at a place where I share on my own timetable, not dictated by stats, expectations or what the blogging rule book says…

So here’s a little window into our lives this weekend in what may well turn out to be the penultimate Home Life Project… I’m keeping all my options (and certainly this URL) open, but that’s probably where it will go.

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A baby quilt 9 years in the making

The story of this baby quilt goes back to 2009 or there abouts, when I was working in Canada with a good friend of mine. There was a quilt class running in our village (where I first learned to quilt) and my friend came along too. If I recall things correctly, this class lead to her making a quilt for her niece, but also more importantly to the purchase of a couple of Moda charm packs and some meterage.

I’d forgotten all about her fabric purchase, until after announcing her first pregnancy a few months ago, she brought the fabric to our house and asked if I could turn it in to a quilt for her – but of course!

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A cordless vacuum for pet owners. AEG FX9 review…

Every now and again I turn down an opportunity which I later regret. Some time ago, I was offered a cordless vacuum to review when cordless vacuums were still relatively new. I thought they were an interesting curiosity, but I didn’t really see the point of them, so I passed and decided to take another product instead.

Then earlier this year my parents bought one and I watched as my dad leapt into action to clear up a mess in seconds and a light bulb went on in my head…

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