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Love Fibres collaboration

Love Fibres collaboration

by Clare Mansell

Knitting is a craft I’ve never tried to embrace, as I know I lack the patience (and probably the skill too) to put in the hours to see a project through, but I’ve always admired those who can knit and when I was introduced to Julie of Love Fibres via Instagram, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a collaboration.


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Collaborating with Huxter kids clothes

Earlier this year I was introduced (via Instagram) to the colorful children’s clothing brand Huxter, at the same time they happened to be seeking their first ambassadors. I took an instant like not just to the brand, but to the creative mind behind it Sophie Bell-Carr and so applied (successfully) to work with them.

What makes Huxter unique is that their items combine a main fabric which the customer chooses with a trim fabric which is chosen for you. My favourite Huxter top of Theo’s is a bold clash of dinosaur print and stripes, something I never would have put together but which just works brilliantly and Theo wears it all the time. In fact he has a “Sophie drawer” just for his Huxter things.

Over the last few months I’ve watched in admiration as Sophie’s business has grown, taking on a seamstress and a premises as the orders have gone from strength to strength. I wanted to find out a little more about the business and how Sophie has used social media to fuel its growth, so I decided to ask her a few questions and also to share some of the images of my kids in her clothing.

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