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How to make a Canadian dog happy…

Whilst it’s a very springlike 17c at sea level in Cyprus, there was another fresh dump of snow in the Troodos last night, and one of our friends who works in the mountains did something he often does at this time of year, which is fill his truck with snow to bring down for the local kids!

A big mass of snow takes a surprising length of time to melt even at 17c (as we know well!) and whilst it stays frozen, the kids get to build snowmen and have snowball fights. Good cheap fun…

We met him as we were finishing our dog walk and instantly knew there was one member of our family who would be particularly excited to see the contents of his truck….

Truck full of snow 1DSC_0018

I think she’s going to love winters in Scotland….

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Berengaria Hotel

Berengaria Hotel

by Clare Mansell
Berengara Hotel window Autumn at Berengaria
Berengaria top floor 

 I have always had a bit of a thing for abandoned places. It’s something about the heady concoction of the silence, the decay and the history that draws me in. Handily enough, because of it’s complicated history, Cyprus has a large number of derelict buildings, hotels and even old cars to explore.

Berengaria Hotel

Amongst the most impressive is the Berengaria Hotel, located 4600ft up in the Troodos Mountains, it was once one of Cyprus’s grandest residences. I only found out about it by chance, but once I’d navigated through a few photos on Flickr, I was itching to visit.
It was built in the 1920s and run successfully for 60 years, but after being bought in the 1980s it fell into disrepair. It’s lost its roof several times to arson attacks and the interior has been stripped out in anticipation of a renovation that’s never happened, but it’s still hauntingly beautiful.
The two 1960s swimming pools are relatively intact (if full of green water) and although the hotel has been stripped of absolutely everything, there were a few interesting bits of history in a derelict house in the grounds, including some of the hotels china…

Berengaria Hotel china

Its particularly fascinating to be able to compare the interior photos with what it looked like at its launch. Sadly after 25 years of neglect it seems unlikely it will ever open its doors again.
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Breakfast at the Bomb Buoy

A beautiful calm Mediterranean sea at 8am, as we left Episkopi and headed out to the bomb buoy (just visible on the horizon) for the charity breakfast.

The bomb buoy close up, it is used for target practice by aircraft, though not frequently and hopefully someone had checked there was none planned for this morning!

The first boats rafting up.

The chef who brought the kitchen table and a barbecue with him! There were eggs, bacon and sausages.. basically anything that could be stuck in a roll and passed along the boats. He’d removed the seats from his boat and had to sit on an ice box to helm it.

A quick dip in the sea… and a glass of Prosecco to go with our breakfast…

If only raising money for charity was always this much fun… There are more pictures on Flickr

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