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How to choose art for every home

What’s your interior decor style? Have you pinned it down yet or do you still hesitate when you come to choose art for your walls?

With an enormous range of prints to select from, King & McGaw have every taste catered for. So if you are struggling to know where to begin when it  comes to filling the white spaces on your walls, try the quiz below to find your art style and then scroll down to discover a beautiful selection of hand selected prints to suit your art style…

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Blogtacular – Creativity, empowerment and feeling the fear

So last weekend was Blogtacular my second year attending and only my second ever blogger conference… and on Friday I’ll be attending my third in the shape of Britmums Live.

Between my first and second conferences I’ve learned a lot. This year I made the bold decision not to attempt to take any photos, it goes against every fibre of my being, but I knew that it would be impossible to listen, take notes, meet new people and take photos.

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Blogtacular : My first blogging conference…

I’ve been slower than many posting about last weekend’s Blogtacular conference and its partly been because my brain has needed the time to slow down and absorb it all.

Despite 8 years of blogging (can that really be so?) before Friday night I had barely met another blogger and then suddenly, incredibly I was surrounded by hundreds of them. Faces I knew well that belonged to people I’d never met. It’s a very strange sensation.

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Robin Day : the chairs of my childhood

Case furniture are running a competition over the summer, giving bloggers a chance to win their stunning Sissinghurst armchair (which I think would look rather fab in our new bedroom!) or a 675 chair designed by Robin Day. All you have to do to enter is write a post about one of their products or designers. This is my entry…

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