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I’ve never been on a diet and I’m not on one now, but…

This blog post could very nearly have been called Things That Facebook Made Me Do, because really everything that’s happened to me in the last month is entirely facebook’s fault.

At the beginning of August an advert popped up on my news feed for a fitness program. I was at the time not in the least bit interested in fitness or diets, but I clicked on it anyway because I was pretty convinced it was another one of those companies that steal images of women and use them to sell their magic slimming potions and if that was the case I wanted to report them. (Grrr… I get angry about photo thefts!) But much to my surprise when I clicked through I discovered this particular advert was legit. No herbal teas or magic powders, instead they were promoting an 8 week health and fitness program for mums which seemed to produce amazing results.

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