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pet friendly flooring choices

How we chose our pet friendly flooring

by Clare Mansell

Ten years ago when we visited an animal rehoming centre in Canada, I vividly remember filling out a form which asked if you had considered all of the potential implications of having a dog. Of course, a bit like when you have children, back then we thought we knew it all, but we were in no way aware of all the many small ways that dog ownership would change our lives over the next decade.

Six years later and back in the UK, we found ourselves trying to choose flooring for the downstairs of our house, flooring that suited both us and the dogs. Because yes, dog friendly flooring is an actual thing, not because you are trying to make the flooring comfortable for the dogs, but because we we wanted a surface that would survive the daily wear and tear of claws and mud.

I did a lot of googling at the time trying to find the right answer and four years later it seems like a good opportunity to revisit our decision making…

pet friendly flooring choices

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