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What’s been inspiring me on Flickr…
I find it quite useful to do a monthly stock-check of the images that have been inspiring me on Flickr as it keeps me focused on the designs, colours and fabrics that I like. Low volume quilts are very much in evidence in this month’s collection. I’ve been drawn to them because of the theme of the next round of the X-Factor pillow swap, but also because I’m now giving seriously consideration to using this palette on our (much delayed) master bed quilt.
Those who have followed this blog for a while will recall that I have made many sample squares for our bed quilt and always hated them. I’m starting to think low volume might be a great “safe’ option with continued appeal over the years.
What’s also worth noting is (on the whole) the simplicity of the designs I pick. I really do love repeated squares and triangles and yet I often don’t make them because I consider them too easy. There’s a lesson to be learned there…
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Sources of inspiration

This week I have learned that inspiration comes from strange places.

The plate in the photo above has been languishing in our work kitchen unloved for several years, possibly decades, until I picked it out of the stack for my cheese sandwich last week… and then stole it.

Although, I’m not entirely sure if it can really be classed as stealing as my boss was watching at the time, and I announced quite loudly that I was “stealing this plate because I love it.”

Nonetheless, it will soon be taking up a spot on the wall in our kitchen and I found that when I needed inspiration for an applique cushion cover this week it was just the thing….

AND to make the whole thing even better, I have now discovered envelope backs for cushions! Seriously, why did no one tell me?

I’m also going to try an exact replication of the design after I’ve bought some fabric paints, which are on the shopping list for our Easter trip to the UK….

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