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Me & Mine – May

Me & Mine is a brilliant project which I joined at the beginning of last year. The goal is to take a family photo once a month, anyone can join, the blog part is really just the mechanism that acts as a reminder to do it….and frankly I really need that reminder!

The photographic results aren’t always perfect, but that’s not really the point of it. Looking back at last year’s twelve photos and seeing the children grow and change has been the ultimate reward, I only wish I had started it 6 years ago when Theo was born, what a fascinating story that would tell!

If you are curious you can see an album with all our Me & Mine photos here on Flickr.

Here’s May’s photo taken (and I doubt you’d guess this) at Marwell Zoo….

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Me & Mine – March

This is our second attempt at a March photo for Me & Mine, we were running out of places to take photos indoors and in the rain and cold, but while I was filling the kettle I looked outside, saw the very start of some yellow buds emerging and said “let’s take it at the end of the week, the forsythia will be out by then” and it was!

This winter seems to have dragged on forever and I am really ready to embrace any signs of spring I can find, a little sunshine and warmth would be even better next month please!

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Me & Mine – February 2018

It’s our second year taking part in the Me & Mine project and looking back on the last 14 months of photos it is really lovely to see the changes in the kids… and also personally to remind myself how much I do not miss long hair! If you haven’t joined yet it really is worth a few minutes of effort and cajoling every month to create a special family record. This month Jim actually responded with “ok, no problem” when I asked to take the photo – that’s progress!

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Me & Mine – January

I’m starting 2018’s Me & Mine project a little late as nearly half of January was lost to the flu! The children had mild doses of it, but I succumbed completely and had several days in bed (or on the sofa) and took 12 days to start feeling normal again, very unlike me as I’ve never had flu before. I don’t know if it makes it better or worse being ill in the most miserable month of the year, but I’m not sad to see the back of January… or the flu… roll on February!

Our photo was taken at Chichester Marina one of the few places where we can go for a mud free dog walk at this time of year… and was a couple of days late, but who’s counting!

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