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7/52 – The one with some winter sunshine
I can’t have been the only one who nearly leaped for joy when I saw “dry and sunny” in the forecast yesterday?

Every parent of a small child must be starting to climb the walls after the weeks of rain we have had. It is so easy to keep them occupied outside and increasingly tricky to do so when you are stuck indoors day after day.

Theo really loves being out and I am relieved to say he’s long past the phase of resisting putting on his winter kit. There was a point a couple of months ago where we were being driven loopy by his stubborn resistance to wear wellies, but we’re over that now, thank heavens.

This change in the weather has come just in time for us, we’re off to Center Parcs at Longleat next Monday and our big build project starts the following week. Some dry weather would be really really handy from now on…

I’m linking up with Jodi and with I Heart Snapping. If you haven’t visited the latter site yet, I implore you to pop over. It’s one of my regular reads now, a lovely feast for the eyes…

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