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Homelife Project – August 2018

I can’t remember ever shooting two months in a row with such incredible weather. I quite thought that last month’s Homelife Project was going to be our token swimming pool moment, but no, we have been spoiled with a second month of sunshine, shorts and swimming!

Jim was away for this one, so I had to work a bit harder to squeeze myself into the photos to stop it being too child-heavy… Probably not a bad thing though!

What on earth will the weather on the first weekend of September be like? I hope it stays good because we’ll be documenting Theo’s seventh birthday party!

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Home Life Project – July 2018

The Home Life Project is a personal photography project I started shortly after my youngest child was born to put aside a day a month to record the everyday moments of family life through the seasons. All too often the weeks rush by and we find that without a specific event to act as a trigger we forget to photograph our every day.

Now in its third year I still find great value in having a date in the diary to make the effort to use my big camera to photograph family moments. Others join along too some intermittently, some more frequently, but if you ever wish to get your camera out and share the results you are more than welcome…

July is of course a joy to photograph and this summer has been particularly kind to us. It was 31c yesterday and after a morning at home we were lucky enough to spend some time in my parents pool cooling off with two crazy water babies whose swimming skills have really come into their own during this warm weather.

As my mum often says it was “a day for the freezer”.

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selling stock images

After many hours of uploading new images to my Getty library earlier this year, I thought I’d do another post on the images I’ve licensed recently and I’m starting off with this one, my bestseller, which was spotted last month by a friend of mine being used by CBeebies on their Facebook page. This photo is about five years old and I think if I’d known it would be a bestseller I’d have spent a bit more time cleaning up the background which is a rather off white…

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Home Life Project – June

Another Home Life Project weekend that I forgot about until Saturday night! Honestly how on earth does anyone stand a chance of remembering about it if I can’t?! However I did remember in time to capture our Sunday and taking part made me take my camera to places where I normally wouldn’t, which is what it’s all about!

Our Sunday started with a relatively new weekly tradition, joining in with Junior Park Run. Theo takes part most weeks and I volunteer, though some weeks like this one, he is both runner and helper which he really enjoys.

After that we joined in with a community picnic day in our village where Theo oversaw the tug of war and Alice spent a lot of time running free with her little friend Teddy, then it was home for supper in the garden and bed. As my mum would say, it was one of those days for the freezer!

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Home Life Project – May 2018

What a glorious weekend it has been, one where I have found myself wanting to savour the moments and hold on to memories for days when the weather isn’t quite as wonderful. We had several lovely outings this weekend and I’ll be blogging about our trip to the Weald & Downland food fair later this week, but for this post I wanted to share photos of our bank holiday Monday. Normally the Home Life Project centres on the two days of the first weekend of the month, but this month as it was a bank holiday, I rewrote the rules and decided to use the pictures I shot today, which after all was technically still part of the weekend.

Our day begun with that bittersweet moment of childhood having face painting rubbed off your face by your parent! Then we had some old friends to visit for lunch. It really had all the ingredients of a perfect bank holiday. Sunshine, a walk in the country and lunch outside and the children were (mostly) good. I’m so glad I have photos of it.

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