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A baby quilt 9 years in the making

The story of this baby quilt goes back to 2009 or there abouts, when I was working in Canada with a good friend of mine. There was a quilt class running in our village (where I first learned to quilt) and my friend came along too. If I recall things correctly, this class lead to her making a quilt for her niece, but also more importantly to the purchase of a couple of Moda charm packs and some meterage.

I’d forgotten all about her fabric purchase, until after announcing her first pregnancy a few months ago, she brought the fabric to our house and asked if I could turn it in to a quilt for her – but of course!

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T-shirt memory quilt

T-shirt quilts are something I have always loved the concept of, but I’ve struggled a bit with their style. One of the things that appeals to me about quilts is their graphic simplicity and regular shapes and t-shirt quilts are very often composed of irregular blocks and a higgildy piggedly design.

My turning point with memory quilts came when I made Alice’s one using clothes from her first year, I kept it simple, used regular sized blocks, complimentary colours and mixed in some plain squares. I surprised myself by loving it so much when it was complete, so I decided to try it again on a much bigger scale with Theo’s t-shirts.

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How to make a quilt from baby clothes

Being a quilter, an upcycler and a mum, it’s probably a little surprising that it has taken me this long to try my hand at making a memory quilt, but I have good reasons. The first is that I really like structured simple quilts with some sort of design and colour scheme which most of the memory quilts I’d seen lacked. Secondly because of the raw materials you are using, making a memory quilt nearly always involves stepping outside my comfort zone of constructing quilts with fabrics that are not 100% cotton.

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A healing quilt

Last month a week before the school holidays started, we received some devastating news. One of my son’s reception classmates had been involved in a freak accident which had left him badly burned and facing a lengthy hospital stay. His father who stepped in to help him was also badly injured.

As soon as news spread in the local community people wanted to help. Fundraising begun immediately to try and help the family in a practical way with the costs of travelling to and from the hospital, but the parents of reception class also felt they wanted to do something to show our support.

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sawtooth star quilt

Today I’m sharing a quilt I completed just before Alice was born, but have only just got round to photographing. November is not the best time of year to photograph anything, least of all quilts, so it’s probably not shown in (literally) the best light, but it’s a long time till spring…

I’ve wanted to make a star quilt almost as long as I have been making quilts, but there is one big problem with star quilts which is that there are SO many ways of doing them. I spent hours browsing Flickr and Pinterest seeing patterns and I’d like them for a bit, then I’d see another and like it more. In the end I settled on the Sawtooth Star block and used the tutorial on Sew Mama Sew.

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