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Although summer seems like a long way away today, I am hoping my newly acquired Dyson desk fan might turn out to be extremely useful during hot summer nights this year. Dyson have been making their distinct bladeless fans since 2009, but the latest batch of models claim to be 75% quieter than the previous generation of Air Mutiplier models, making them perfect for sticky summer evenings, but are they worth the hefty price tag?

dyson cool bladeless desk fan review

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Video review of Plum Pyramid Climbing Frame / Play Centre

You may remember that in the summer we bought Theo a Plum wooden climbing frame for the garden. It wasn’t a cheap purchase and was something which we spent a lot of time researching and considering before we finally committed to buying.

During the many hours I spent online looking for information the one thing I really hoped (and failed) to find was a video review. I really wanted someone to actually walk me through the product and tell me whether it was worth the money before I handed over the best part of £400.

So a few months down the line I thought we should fill that gap by making our own review. I’ve made a few short films before, but this is the first time I’ve done “face to camera” vlogging. The prospect was slightly terrifying to begin with, but it definitely gets easier the more you do it. Although of course I have the distinct advantage of 20 years experience talking rubbish for a living!

So, if you are at all curious, here is our in depth review of the Plum Pyramid Climbing Frame which we bought from Activity Toys Direct.

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Review : Methven Satinjet Shower head

Over the last couple of weeks we have spent more than the normal amount of time considering bathroom fixtures as we choose equipment for our two new bathrooms.

As a family that loves showers (and has had to endure some really bad ones in military quarters) it was something we really want to get right in this house. We have chosen extra large shower trays and we wanted great shower heads too, so when we were approached to review a Methven satinjet shower head, I couldn’t say no.

Methven make shower heads with “eco-friendly satinjet technology” – In simple terms this means that the shower is delivered through very small pairs of holes which are angled so the jets of water collide and creates a spray which is more like a rainfall shower than a conventional shower spray.

The Kaha shower head which we tried is also massive – nearly 14cm across. It made our existing head look quite weedy and old-fashioned.

 I confess that because of the unconventional layout of holes in the head, I was a little cynical about whether it would actually work, but I was impressed! The Kaha shower head has an uncanny ability of making you feel like you are getting “wetter” in the shower with exactly the same amount of water (this sounds ridiculous, but it’s the only way I can explain it) it delivers a soft drenching rainfall like flow, but also switches to a powerful massage jet at the flick of a switch.

The downside is it’s not cheap. The RRP is £139, but it sells for nearer £100 on Amazon. However if you are a family who loves your showers it may be worth it. Personally I am hooked and I won’t be giving mine up in a hurry!

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