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biophilic office makeover

My office makeover is finished and I’m really delighted with the results. It’s amazing what a bit of paint, a new desk and wallpaper can do for a room!

As you may recall I wanted to give this room a lift to mark the start of a new working chapter and as you will discover in a few weeks, it was appropriate for my next project that greenery was introduced.

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house of colour make up consultation

For most of my adult life I’ve had a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I wanted to embrace it, but struggled to find shades that suited me.

When I cut my hair short the quest to find lipstick colours that suit me became more important, in fact for the first three days I had a pixie I couldn’t leave the house without lipstick as I felt so exposed!

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What I sewed for the kids to wear on holiday

I’ve recently returned to sewing clothes after quite a long hiatus. Except for one pattern (which you’ll see in a minute) I’ve never felt entirely satisfied with the clothes I’ve made and so I’ve tended to avoid clothes and concentrate on other things. However when I buy handmade, the items are always beautifully finished, so I know it is achievable and that some perseverance is required.

The one pattern I have suceeded with many times is Made By Rae’s Parlsey Pants Shorts. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made these shorts for Theo and on each occasion the result is slightly better. I now sew the elastic directly on to the waist rather than threading it through which gives a great finish.

Theo was recently invited to a 6th birthday party with a pirate theme and when some pirate themed fabric popped up on facebook in the Eternal Maker’s sale, I decided to buy a metre of it and make a pair of shorts for the birthday boy (left) and a slightly different pair for Theo. For Theo’s rather than turning the hem on the legs, I made some yellow bias tape and finished the legs with that. The resulting shorts are therefore also slightly longer than his friends.

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