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One Second Every Day for April


It’s nice to do a recap of the month and not feel I have to hide any secrets, after we finally let our big one out of the bag last week! It means I can be a bit more honest with my filming from May onwards too!

April’s highlight was undoubtedly my press trip to Malta, which you can read about here and here, but we also had fun at home finishing off our big garden project, having an Easter egg hunt in our garden and going to the village duck race.

One of the best outings this month was a trip with my mum to see Way Upstream at Chichester Festival Theatre. A brilliant, funny production which involved a real boat floating in a huge tank of water in the middle of the theatre, the little snippets of video I steal from my seat in the audience are becoming a really nice reminder of all the productions I see throughout the year.

I’m still finding at the end of the month that I have bits of video footage I have shot missing and I can’t work out if it’s me being trigger happy deleting things on my phone to make space, or if something more sinister is going on with my storage on the computer. This month I lost the footage of Jim laying the turf in the garden and my day at Amazon HQ which was really annoying!

Anyway here’s what our month looked like. As always I’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel or leave a comment on the video.

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I want to be a #MarkWarnerMum

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that the shorter days and colder weather has recently had us daydreaming about next year’s summer holiday. I stumbled across Katie’s (Mummy Daddy Me) review of the Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes a few weeks ago and made a mental note that it looked like it would suit us perfectly. Then only days later I found out that Mark Warner are searching for next year’s blogging ambassadors.

They want bloggers to tell them a little bit about their family and what the ingredients would be for their perfect family holiday.

We are a family of three, though really I think my husband thinks we’re a family of five, as my GoPro and DSLR go everywhere with us. Despite living in Canada and Cyprus early in our marriage, we’ve never actually had a family holiday abroad, although last summer we did go to the Isle Of Wight which I believe technically could be classed as “overseas”

As a family we love watersports (Jim and I are both PADI and RYA qualified) photography (mostly me behind the camera and Jim and Theo as my long suffering subjects) and good food, but rather than give you a really long blog post to read, we thought it would be a lot easier to make a video so you can get to know us better and see what would make our perfect holiday.

I won’t lie, filming on a beach in the middle of December wasn’t very idyllic, but if we can make that look good, just imagine how good we could make a Mark Warner resort look…

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Autumn resolutions (and a short film)

Whilst the rest of the world is going back to work and school after the summer, I have just begun university leave. Distance learning has turned out to have a few surprises in store, not least of all the topsy turvy system of terms and holiday, which means we work solidly from May to September. Summer? What summer?

After dragging myself through the final weeks of the semester I now have a glorious five weeks off and a list of things I want to do as long as my arm. There are photo books to put together with Blurb (I’m planning for Christmas already) at least one quilt to make, the cabin/sewing room to sort out, time set aside to take photos and short films to make.

It’s been a year since I filmed our Center Parcs video entry and the months have flown by. Last night I saw Kirsty’s brilliant footage she shot with the GoPro and it got me inspired to shoot film all over again, so I sat down today and put together a short film of our community Apple Day event with some footage I shot last October. It’s amazing to see it all again and how much Theo has grown. It made me acutely aware of how quickly he’s changing and of all the moments I haven’t recorded.

September always feels like a new start, so I think here and now I’ll make it my new season resolution to shoot more film.

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