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pink crib quilt

Hello from Sunny Scotland and a Happy Due Day to me!

No sign of the baby arriving any time soon, so some quilting progress to report this week. Firstly the pink crib quilt which was an embryonic idea this time last week, is now finished.

pink crib quiltAll of the squares were precut and already in my stash so it came together very quickly. I’m particularly pleased with the way the applique name came out. It’ll be going in the post to its new owner today…
pink crib quilt
¬†Gifted quilts out of the way, I had some time to return to quilts I’m making for our baby and in particular the Sherbet Pips snowball crib quilt.

I’ve tried a couple of new things with this quilt. Firstly it has a feature panel on the back, making it my first double sided quilt and secondly I have experimented with pre-washing the batting/wadding to lose the shrinkage before quilting. I’m not 100% sold on the crinkly look for all quilts, so it will be interesting to see what the difference in the finished result is.

Sherbet Pips snowball in progress 2

This one should be completed by the end of today, just some trimming/straightening up to do and the binding to add! I can’t wait to get that polka dot fabric sewn on!

Please come back next week to see the result one way or another… You never know, maybe they’ll be a baby sleeping under it…

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