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WIP Wednesday (5th June 2013)

My blogging friend Liz posted this week about losing her sewing confidence, which I think is something we’ve all been able to relate to at one point or another. This last pillow swap has literally given me sleepless nights with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, so I’m quite relieved it’s over and ready to move on…

I thought the best form of therapy for me would be to make a couple of pillows for myself and to try out all the things I want to try (different closures, zips, binding) without the pressure of worrying I’ll screw up. So first up I’m trying the Bloomin Quilt-As-You-Go pillow.



I started it on Monday and have absolutely loved the way it evolves, though I’ve already realised it’s not quite as I intended as the bloomin is more square than others I have seen on Flickr.  Still it’s proved to be quite a relaxing activity during the light evenings after Theo has gone to bed…


Unfortunately it has made me realise I’m in dire need of a cutting mat upgrade. My 18 x 24″ is just too small for trimming a pillow/cushion to size on. Looking at the prices I realised why I have put off buying one for so long! Urgh…

As far as quilts go, a small update on my grand project of our bed quilt. This project has been ongoing for years. I find it utterly impossible to stick with an idea for more than a week. A month or so ago I convinced myself I was definitely making a log cabin, and it would be co-ordinating fabrics. I bought the fabrics, made two blocks and hated them…

So then I decided I needed to make it scrappy and multi-coloured. I bought more fabric, made two blocks and hated them…

So now I don’t know what to do! I really want to create a beautiful long-lasting quilt for our bed and to invest the money in getting it longarm quilted, but I don’t want it to be in fabrics or a design that will date or tire. Any suggestions anyone?!

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WIP Wednesday (15th May 2013)

A bit confused...

I’m not good at taking any length of time to complete a sewing project, because it often allows me time to go off the design between starting and finishing it.

I’ve suffered this problem more acutely than usual with my Pillow Talk cushion as I’m making it to accommodate someone else’s tastes. I’ve now finished the front (second make) and started the back, and still I take it out every day or so and think I’ll scrap it and start again. 

PillowTalk back

I finally plucked up the courage to post it in the group pool on Flickr today and received lots of positive feedback. So maybe it’s just me?

Whilst I wait for my partner to comment I think I shall distract myself with a project for me. Perhaps the long overdue, much put-off quilt for our bedroom?

I have also had designs of other kinds occupying my mind this week. On Monday we agreed the plans for the first floor extension and external makeover to our bungalow. Those of you who follow me on Flickr may remember me posting a  picture of our architect’s embryonic squiggle which he drew at the kitchen table when we met back in February. Judging by the lack of comments I think most people struggled to see much to get excited about! But I could see right from the start that he understood what we wanted, and now we have a much more official looking set of plans stuck to the fridge…

House plans

If you detect a slight North American influence in the design, it will probably be no surprise to learn that we spent the first two years of our married life living in a village full of weather boarded houses in Alberta in Canada, and we have dreamed of recreating a home like that ever since.

Mature student...

And on yet another design note, I have been accepted onto the college course I applied for, so from September three days a week I shall be studying graphic design and photography. I can’t wait…

And finally a quick reminder to my UK readers, to pop back for a photographic giveaway here later in the week…

Once again I’m linking up with…

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WIP Wednesday (1st May 2013)


Two works in progress this week. Firstly my neighbourhood quilt is still coming together. I had a lazy moment last week where I thought I might be able to get away with just three rows and pad the rest out with border, but then I took the measurements and realised I’d need as much border as I currently have of houses! So I’m ploughing on and will be making five rows in total, with a small border. This is what I have so far, a lot of it is just laid in place on the floor and not actually sewn yet!

I’ve also started work on my cushion for the Pillow Talk 10 Swap on Flickr. I was actually a bit thrown when I saw my swap partners inspiration mosaic, because there is very little overlap between our personal likes and I have struggled a little to come up with ideas. However being pushed a little outside my own comfort zone is exactly why I do these swaps…

This is what I was experimenting with last night though, it matches one or two of the things on her wish list. I have no idea what it will look like when I’ve finished though, I’m hoping it will just evolve!


For the first time since this blog was rebooted, I’m linking up today with Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday. It’s nice to be back…

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WIP Wednesday (8th February 2012)
New Wave quilt in progress

Oh hello, it’s Wednesday again! This time last week didn’t I make some stupid rash promise that by today I’d have one quilt totally finished and the top for the other one complete? Clearly I was thinking about a world where a week has more than 7 days in it, because I have not even touched the Triple Dresden since last Wednesday!

There has been some good progress on the New Wave quilt though and it seems the simpler I go with designs the more I love them, and this is no exception, I’m already trying to think of an excuse to make one for me!

As I mentioned in previous posts the colours in this quilt were all picked to exactly match the interior decor and existing quilts in my parents house, all with the aid of a Kona Colour Chart. I really don’t know how (or why) I survived without it. The amount of fabric I ordered online that turned up and was slightly different from what I was expecting, now everything matches perfectly.

I mentioned before that they were hard to get in the UK, but if you are still after one simplysolids.co.uk are stocking them, although they seem to sell very quickly! Not only do I now have one, but my mum and my sister have also bought them. (My husband would say we’re a bit like that anyway, if one has something, then the other two have to get it too!)

Anyway, until next week, more inspiring quilting projects to be found by clicking on the link below…

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WIP Wednesday (1st February 2012)

Productivity in my sewing room has been slowed down a LOT this week due to the arrival of some new furniture, which came in bits and had to be assembled by me on the floor… It was chaos! It’s the fifth piece of flatpack furniture I have had to assemble whilst the husband has been away (for new readers, he’s in Afganistan) and I’m very glad it was the last!

Still at last the guest/day bed is finished and I can get back to quilting!

Guest bed (assembled!)

I have hand sewn the Triple Dresden wall hanging to the Kona raisin backing and added a mosaic border made up of 2 inch squares. I have been working on this quilt for far too long and have got to that dangerous point where I keep going on and off the design…

So this week I just need to FINISH it and then worry about whether I like it afterwards… Bad news is as soon as it’s done, I need to fix the quilt hanger to the wall… A husband would be so handy right now!!

With the end in sight for the Triple Dresden I have made some progress with the New Wave Quilt…

New wave quilt

This is the quilt I am making for my parents sofa to match these two existing quilts…

Joel Dewberry Deer Valley QuiltModa Arcadia Quilt Top

I made loads of progress with the quilt top last night, sewing all the coloured strips together and then I stopped and read the instructions and realised I had to add the sashing first, so then spent the rest of the evening unpicking stitches in front of the TV! My own fault entirely…  

Next week I should hopefully have one finished quilt and one finished quilt top and then it will be time to start considering new projects. I have been looking at pixel quilts (of photographic images) a lot and debating whether one of those might be next. Very fiddly and a lot of work, but that doesn’t put me off!

Until then, as it’s the end of the month, here’s some of the things that have been inspiring me on Flickr in January…

1. New fish baby log cabin detail, 2. Pixel quilt March 2011, 3. A Quilt for Jake, 4. opening package!, 5. fabric map in progress, 6. “Love the Beach”, 7. woodland happiness~ mini dresden plate, 8. Untitled, 9. Tufet, 10. Here we go … Step 1, 11. Sofacorner june 2010, 12. Blue Sofa Patchwork, 13. 365 Project 2011, 14. Chloe’s Quilt, 15. tumbler quilt [finished], 16. newwavequilt

And as it’s Wednesday, I’m once again linking up with all the other quilters as pat of Freshly Pieced’s WIP Wednesday…

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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