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Home Life Photography Project

by Clare Mansell

What is the project about?

The Home Life photography project is loosely based around the 1 day 12 pics concept and takes place over the first full weekend of every month. The idea is to document your home life in photographs. No posed pictures, just photos of your family doing what they do every day to preserve a record of your routine for one day a month.

The original 1 day 12 pics concept asked people to take one photo an hour over twelve hours, but this project is a bit more flexible. Carry the camera round with you and take photos when the opportunity presents itself and if you end up with more or less than that number it doesn’t matter, just use it as a guide. I would ask however that you don’t link up posts that have less than 6 images in them. There are plenty of other great link ups where you can do that and where it would fit better.

Shooting candid photos doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with it though and I hope to create a small community of creative photographers who can share their ideas with each other every month so we can all be inspired by each others work.

Great, how do I join in?

Every month the Friday before the Home Life Project, I send out an email reminder that it’s Home Life Project weekend, you can sign up for the reminder below…

Then join other participants by taking photos on the Saturday or Sunday of that weekend depending on what suits you best (you could also do a weekday if you want!) You can link up the blog posts containing your images to a post that will go live at 7am on the Monday.

The photo weekends are as follows (with the link up going live at 7am the following Monday)

3rd & 4th February
3rd & 4th March
7th & 8th April
5th & 6th May
2nd & 3rd June
7th & 8th July
4th & 5th August
1st & 2nd September
6th & 7th October
3rd & 4th November
1st & 2nd December

Please also feel free to share your photos on social media using the hashtag #homelifeproject

Here are my 2016 blog posts…

And 2017’s…


Please grab your choice of badge from below to include in your post…





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