Welcome to Maybush Studio a photographic journey through my family’s life in the Sussex countryside.

I first got into photography seriously about 8 years ago. Since then my pictures have been published in the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Observer and Daily Mail as well as several national magazines. I am also a stock photographer for Getty Images.

My camera is a Nikon D600 and I own just two lenses, a 50mm f/1.8 and a 24-70mm. The 50mm costs less than £100 and is my favourite lens.

Image 8Wheat grainsJain Barrington-Wright : Wild West Reenactor

Occasionally for food photography I use a reflector and I also have an external flash though I try and avoid using it except when it’s really needed, like on dark winter days!


My son Theo and daughter Alice feature in a lot of my photos and every month I run a photography link up called the Home Life Project documenting our family lives across one day.


I also sew and make modern quilts (when I have the time) so you will see a few of my creations popping up on the blog…

Union Jack Shopping ToteNew Wave Quiltkitty tee Collage

And beyond food, family and the Sussex countryside, I also like to experiment with my photography and shoot anything bright and colourful that catches my eye…

Light painting @ Duffus Castle, Northern Scotland [Explored]

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