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Hello, I’m Clare.

I am a photographer, modern quilter, food lover and ‘semi-crunchy’ creative.

I’m interested in sustainability and try (not always successfully) to minimise my impact on the environment. I’m a keen supporter of a local organic growing cooperative and I’m also actively involved in the management of a community woodland near my home.

I’m married to Jim, mum to Theo (born Aug 11) and Alice (born Oct 15) We also have two slightly crazy dogs.

Although I am now firmly settled in the beautiful county of Sussex, I have also spent time living in Germany, Cyprus, Canada and Scotland.

Maybush Studio is my literal creative space in our garden and my virtual creative space online. This blog focuses on “creative family living” which for me encompasses photography, design, interiors and crafts. This year I’m also hoping to include a bit of gardening with that, although I am a complete novice in that department!

I’m passionate about community, homemade bread, quality not quantity, saving things from landfills, walking, learning, laughter, the medicinal benefits of a glass of red wine and being positive.


Blog collaborations

Maybush Studio is a lifestyle blog focusing on creative living through design, home decor, photography and crafts. There’s also the odd bit of travel and family life too.

I have spent two decades working in the media and I pride myself on incorporating brands with high quality writing and professional standard photography. I regularly collaborate with brands to produce content, but I currently do not publish third party material such as infographics or guest posts.

I have recently launched a youtube channel and have collaborated with several brands including Pets At Home, Pampers & Center Parcs to produce video content. I have ongoing partnerships with Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Iconic Lights, and Merlin Annual Pass.

Outreach consultancy

I work with small and medium size businesses to develop, implement and manage marketing strategies. Outreach encompasses many elements of traditional marketing but also includes social media, websites, branding, events and videos.

If you’d like to know more, please email me

Here are a selection of posts where I worked with brands…

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